How to Style Our Fashion Jackets & Joggers: Peachtree

How to Style Our Fashion Jackets & Joggers: Peachtree

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Our fashion jackets and jogger sets aren't your typical jogger sets. These sets are designed not just for comfort, but for fashion and style as well. Jogger sets are typically one color and are more about comfort, than they are about being fashionable and stylish. 

We wanted to design a jogger set that gives you some versatility.

Below is the "Peachtree" Fashion Jacket and Jogger. This design gives you a gorgeous array of colors on the softest material EVER. The possibilities for accessorizing this style are endless.

Here are a few ways you could style this set, both for on the go and at home; especially, with so many of us working from home. 


Option 1 White (On the Go):

Wear as shown above and pair with sneakers.

At Home: 


Option 2 Black (On the Go):

At Home: 

Option 3 Royal Blue (On the Go):


At Home: 

Option 4 Yellow/Gold (On the Go):

At Home: 

Which look is your favorite? How would you accessorize this outfit? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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