Atlanta: The Rising Fashion Epicenter

Atlanta: The Rising Fashion Epicenter

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While folks from around the world are flocking to Atlanta to be a part of the film industry, many are working hard to shed light on Atlanta’s significance in the fashion industry. A city filled with so much cultural diversity is sure to have a variety of options when it comes to fashion. From high fashion brands to indie brands, Atlanta does have a lot to offer.
Nedra Rhone, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who writes on topics spanning from fashion to food to news, had this to say about Fashion in Atlanta,
Tens of thousands of fashion-forward musicians, performers, directors, actors, writers, and artists now call the city home, and now that Georgia is the world's No. 1 region for film and TV production, Atlanta is further poised to shape American style. Count on it: Wherever film is, a tsunami of new fashion is soon to follow.”
-Nedra Rhone, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Feb,18’)
ATL Insider Blogger, Bethany Clark agrees, she writes, 
“Atlanta is also a great place for up-and-coming designers to grow and expand their brand. With several fashion schools in the city and a burgeoning film and entertainment industry, Atlanta is keen – and ready – to strut on the global fashion stage.” -Beth Clark, (Sept 14’)
CAD Atlanta is one of those fashion schools that is setting the bar high for talented fashion designers coming out of Atlanta. This past May, SCAD Atlanta hosted its premiere Runway Show debuting collections by top senior and graduate students. The two-day showcase introduced us to the future of fashion in Atlanta, and future fashion icons. Founder, Paula Wallace, credits Atlanta with nurturing her love of fashion,
“Atlanta schooled me in the aspirational customs of fashion. We have always been a city of doers and dreamers. We announce our identities in part through a personal assemblage of functional and decorative garments and accessories..”
-Paula Wallace, SCAD Atlanta Founder
With local talented fashion designers and a lust for high fashion, fashion shows are a must. For the past 12 years, Atlanta International Fashion Week has been engineering the largest fashion and entertainment events of the year in Atlanta. 
AIFW has consistently worked to grow the vitality of the Atlanta fashion arts community, maintain global relations, along with promoting the arts through fashion and entertainment. For more info on AIFW, visit
Shatoyia Bradley is a writer, homeschool mom, and designer. She resides in Buford, Georgia, with her husband and six children.
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